Theatre Advocacy


Advocacy is an ongoing process.  Any time that you speak, perform or show, you have the opportunity to let people know not only WHAT you are doing, but WHY it is IMPORTANT that you keep doing it.  The contents of this page will give you resources you can use in every contact you have with other teachers and students, administrators, parents, school boards and the community at large.   Now is the time to begin advocating for your program.  If you are inspired to get started, these words may mean something for you.

“An inspiration without implementation is a hallucination.” —Floyd Green, Aetna Foundation

Please do not wait.  Remember, If you hear that your program is in danger and that’s when you decide to start to advocate for the value of your program, it’s too late.



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Resources for you to use in Advocacy

Educational Theatre Association:  Issues and Advocacy Page


Missouri Alliance for Arts in Education


Kennedy Center  Programs


Americans for the Arts


“Arts Education Makes a Difference in Missouri Schools”  Missouri Arts Council


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