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Hello and welcome to the updated MO STATE THESPIAN WEBSITE! We hope that your experiences this year with the site are easier. As you can see more features have been added for better security and better functionality. On this SPONSORS REGISTRATION home page, you can provide contact information so other Thespian Sponsors can reach you. Most importantly, you can fill out your log-on information which will allow you to register for the upcoming state conference. Please visit other areas of our site and don't forget to register for the state conference before November 1!. After November 1, the registration will be closed and you will not be able to log on again.

Feel free to contact any state board member with questions or concerns about the MISSOURI STATE THESPIANS organization. Visit the state board home page to find information on how to contact a state board member via email, phone or by mail. For specific questions regarding the website, please contact Ken Franke. For questions regarding the state conference, please view the list on the STATE BOARD home page to direct your questions to the appropriate person.

Once again, thank you for your patience with the MISSOURI STATE THESPIAN website. We look forward to an easy registration and hope to see you in St. Louis!

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