Individual Events

All questions regarding Individual Events should be directed to Theresa Nigus at [email protected]

All Short Film Submissions must be uploaded to YouTube by December 1st.
Leadership Presentation

The Individual Events are intended to be an educational program that offers Conference delegates the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material. The goal for participating students is to find their talent, strengths, and weaknesses and to grow as a theatre artist.

In order to participate in the Individual Events each entrant must:

  • be registered for the entire conference.
  • be a card-carrying member of the International Thespian Society.
  • be registered for one Individual Event as part of the online registration process. 
  • Pay a registration fee of $15 per event. (An event means each duet acting, or musical theatre, not each individual entrant if more than one person is involved in a presentation.)

Sponsors must register for IEs as part of their troupe's conference registration, and will be accepted online on a first-come, first-served basis until registration closes. Names of performance pieces must be included as part of the registration process. Incomplete applications will not be accepted until all requirements are met. Incomplete applications include:

  • those students not registered for the conference
  • those not accompanied by the registration fee
  • those that do not include titles of performance
  • those that do not include Thespian Member Number

PLEASE NOTE: The entire Festival registration will be held up for processing due to incomplete Individual Events applications. If all the above information has not been provided by the end of registration, the IE registration is considered VOID and NO REFUND WILL BE PROVIDED.


Registration Guidelines:

  1. Each school may only have one entry for each category.
  2. Each student may only participate in one individual event.
  3. Students must consult the NIES guidebook to determine which scripts are available for performance. Only certain publishing houses will be accepted, as outlined in the guidebook. Do your research.
  4. Categories for performance include monologue, duet acting, group acting, solo musical, duet musical, and group musical.
  5. Categories for technical theatre include Costume Design, Costume Construction, Lighting Design, Theatre Marketing, Scenic Design, Sound Design, Stage Management and Short Film.

All categories are also national categories. Students who receive a superior rating at state level will be eligible to compete at Festival. All superior ratings may also be asked to perform/display their entry at Missouri Arts Education Day in Jefferson City.


Individual Events Scheduling:

1.      Delegates may attend any Individual Event session as audience members. Seats will be available on a first ­come, first-served basis. Audience members MUST remain in the room the entire workshop session.  Audience members are required to remain quiet throughout the session out of respect for the performers and judges.

2.     The performance areas will be classroom venues, not stages, and may be carpeted.

3.     Any musical category performers MUST bring music on a CD. Ipods or other MP3 players are acceptable for the IE, but if your performance is chosen for the IE Showcase, you MUST have a CD or digital file.



Securing Performance Rights - You are only allowed to perform pieces based on this list!!!

Individual Events Guidelines from EDTA


Sample Scoring Rubrics 


Click here to watch video samples (provided by EdTA) of Superior Rated events and Judges suggestions for preparing!


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