New Thespian Sponsors

Welcome to the Missouri State Thespians!  Whether you are a new teacher trying to start a troupe or a veteran teacher looking for more information, you have come to the right place.  On this page you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Missouri Thespians (a subsidiary of the Educational Theatre Association).  

National Organization

If your school does not have an active thespian troupe, please contact EdTA to charter a new thespian troupe through the Educational Theatre Association.

If your school has a troupe and you need to make changes or need more information about the thespian organization please visit the Educational Theatre Association’s webpage at or email the membership department of EdTA at [email protected].

Missouri State Thespians

Missouri Thespians host two conferences each year, a Leadership Conference for your student officers and a State Conference for all of your student members.  You can find all the information you need regarding these events on the corresponding tabs on the left.  Each conference has an online registration that the sponsor will need to fill out before the listed deadlines, but first you must register yourself for our website.  Go to the registration tab on the left and click create login.  You will be asked to create a sponsor profile and password.  Once you have registered for the website you can login to register for the conferences.

Leadership Conference is held each year on a Saturday in early September.  This conference is designed to give you and your student officers information on the upcoming state conference that you can take back to the rest of your troupe.  Registration for Leadership opens in mid-July and closes in the end of August.   

State Conference is held each year in early January from a Thursday to a Saturday.  At this conference your students can attend workshops directed by educators and working professionals and see mainstage productions performed by schools from around the state.  Registration for State opens at Leadership (September) and closes November 1st .  There are many additional events at the state conference as well such as the Tech Challenge, Improv Olympix, Page to Stage, Scholarship Auditions, and Individual Events.


Do I use my login for mo-thespians?

  • No.  These are two separate websites controlled by two separate organizations. If you are new, please use the Registration tab on the left to create a new user login.  If you have forgotten your password, please contact the webmaster at [email protected] for assistance.

Where can I get more information about the state conference?

  • Start by visiting our State Conference page on the left.  Read through the Opportunities Guide.  And contact a board member for any questions.  You can also read our past newsletters by using the newsletter link on the left.


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